Hey, where are we?

So, here we are, back on track! You probably know those people from Youtube or Instagram, who have a lot of followers and always make excuses if they’re offline for two, three days and feel “obligated” to be always available?
Well, we’re not one of those people, we are just “normal” (what’s normal these days…?) people with jobs and responsibilities. The last week was really stressful and I felt like it lasted forever. I hate to post something not written with heart&soul, something that wasn’t really thought through. So that’s why we’re posting less but everything we write is really something we wanted you to know and something we wanted to share.

Today I’m just gonna write an update.I’m pretty much very busy with my university stuff and in the exact moment I start to think: ‘Oh, after this it’ll be much easier’, it doesn’t get any easier and I get more stuff to do than I did before. But I guess, that’s how it’s supposed to be. And it’ll last for the next few years 🙂
What I do, as a side job, is to work as a tutor. I help children, 6-18 year old ones, to improve their knowledge and get better grades. Back in my secondary and high school days, I’ve always helped my school mates with their problems, no matter which topic it was. Now, I do feel kind of stupid, because I know they weren’t all my friends but hey, I realized it at some point and that’s important. I knew how to explain things in a easier way than teachers did in school. Did I ever thought about teaching as a possible job? Yes, and the answer was no. The thing is, we can’t choose a class we get (it’s like that with families too, isn’t it?), but we can choose our students. Kids nowadays have many possibilities, which they’re not using as they should, they’re not interested in any additional work and the thing about their parents – they don’t believe the teacher when one mentions something bad about their child. They deny it right away and it’s always the teacher’s faul if the grades aren’t as the parents imagined. The children also take advantage of it and the circle never ends. I’m not saying they aren’t bad teachers, too. I’ve met a lot of them, they know their topic really well but can’t transfer it to the students so that’s understandably for them. There’s also a group of mean teachers, who don’t like kids or a job that they’re doing but that’s a total different topic.
As a tutor, you can choose your students. My first rule is: if you don’t want to study because you decided it on your own, you and I shouldn’t be here, sitting together.
I don’t need much, just a student’s will to learn something they’re struggling with and to catch up the stuff they’re missed in the last chapter or last few months/years. I’m working a lot, as much as my university leaves me time to work. But if I’m doing something, I’m doing it with all my heart. Before every lesson I make papers for students, shorten their lessons, make examples and always work with the tasks from their books. The thing I try to teach them is, how to explain the stuff you don’t know very well or you’re not interested at all by yourself, without additional help. My main goal is to improve their skills, get them interested for a specific subject and teach them how to study properly. That’s the same what I say to their parents. I maybe seem strict at the beginning but as they get to know me, they see I really like mutual respect and the rules we set up. So yeah, I have a lot about it to say, I may write a separate blog about it, now you know it takes time not to only work with children, but also prepare every lesson separately.

Big is visiting his family and I really miss him. I noticed I sleep less and I really can’t explain why I fall asleep so fast when he’s around me. I feel secure and safe and know nothing bad is gonna happen at the moment. Now I’m constantly worrying and thinking about stuff I have to do the next day and it stresses me out. In a blog I read here, I did find an interesting sentence: “Sleep now, plan tomorrow”. It’s true, you didn’t do anything productive because it’s already 2 am and you didn’t sleep well and the circle continues. I can’t wait to see Big again and that’s also a reason I keep myself busy the whole day. Big is a beautiful country, that I’ll start to write about soon!

This is Big’s view!

I’ve also had toothache, which I didn’t felt for a very, very long time. Today I have an appointment and I’ll tell you all about it.

Oh, now I’m aware I didn’t write for a long time. There’s so much to say but I’ll be back very soon!

Hope you’re having a good Monday and a good week!



One thought on “Hey, where are we?

  1. Big’s view looks amazing!
    I hope you both reunite soon…somehow being or fallin asleep with the person you love really helps a lot with stress and anxiety or other psychological issues…it’s really fascinating!

    And I hope your toothache gets well soon.


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