Hey, where are we?

So, here we are, back on track! You probably know those people from Youtube or Instagram, who have a lot of followers and always make excuses if they’re offline for two, three days and feel “obligated” to be always available?
Well, we’re not one of those people, we are just “normal” (what’s normal these days…?) people with jobs and responsibilities. The last week was really stressful and I felt like it lasted forever. I hate to post something not written with heart&soul, something that wasn’t really thought through. So that’s why we’re posting less but everything we write is really something we wanted you to know and something we wanted to share.

Today I’m just gonna write an update.I’m pretty much very busy with my university stuff and in the exact moment I start to think: ‘Oh, after this it’ll be much easier’, it doesn’t get any easier and I get more stuff to do than I did before. But I guess, that’s how it’s supposed to be. And it’ll last for the next few years ­čÖé
What I do, as a side job, is to work as a tutor. I help children, 6-18 year old ones, to improve their knowledge and get better grades. Back in my secondary and high school days, I’ve always helped my school mates with their problems, no matter which topic it was. Now, I do feel kind of stupid, because I know they weren’t all my friends but hey, I realized it at some point and that’s important. I knew how to explain things in a easier way than teachers did in school. Did I ever thought about teaching as a possible job? Yes, and the answer was no. The thing is, we can’t choose a class we get (it’s like that with families too, isn’t it?), but we can choose our students. Kids nowadays have many possibilities, which they’re not using as they should, they’re not interested in any additional work and the thing about their parents – they don’t believe the teacher when one mentions something bad about their child. They deny it right away and it’s always the teacher’s faul if the grades aren’t as the parents imagined. The children also take advantage of it and the circle never ends. I’m not saying they aren’t bad teachers, too. I’ve met a lot of them, they know their topic really well but can’t transfer it to the students so that’s understandably for them. There’s also a group of mean teachers, who don’t like kids or a job that they’re doing but that’s a total different topic.
As a tutor, you can choose your students. My first rule is: if you don’t want to study because you decided it on your own, you and I shouldn’t be here, sitting together.
I don’t need much, just a student’s will to learn something they’re struggling with and to catch up the stuff they’re missed in the last chapter or last few months/years. I’m working a lot, as much as my university leaves me time to work. But if I’m doing something, I’m doing it with all my heart. Before every lesson I make papers for students, shorten their lessons, make examples and always work with the tasks from their books. The thing I try to teach them is, how to explain the stuff you don’t know very well or you’re not interested at all by yourself, without additional help. My main goal is to improve their skills, get them interested for a specific subject and teach them how to study properly. That’s the same what I say to their parents. I maybe seem strict at the beginning but as they get to know me, they see I really like mutual respect and the rules we set up. So yeah, I have a lot about it to say, I may write a separate blog about it, now you know it takes time not to only work with children, but also prepare every lesson separately.

Big is visiting his family and I really miss him. I noticed I sleep less and I really can’t explain why I fall asleep so fast when he’s around me. I feel secure and safe and know nothing bad is gonna happen at the moment. Now I’m constantly worrying and thinking about stuff I have to do the next day and it stresses me out. In a blog I read here, I did find an interesting sentence: “Sleep now, plan tomorrow”. It’s true, you didn’t do anything productive because it’s already 2 am and you didn’t sleep well and the circle continues. I can’t wait to see Big again and that’s also a reason I keep myself busy the whole day. Big is a beautiful country, that I’ll start to write about soon!

This is Big’s view!

I’ve also had toothache, which I didn’t felt for a very, very long time. Today I have an appointment and I’ll tell you all about it.

Oh, now I’m aware I didn’t write for a long time. There’s so much to say but I’ll be back very soon!

Hope you’re having a good Monday and a good week!



It’s raining (man… hallelujah?)*

It’s May. You wouldn’t say so if you’d look outside my window. Last year, on this exact same day it was waaay too hot but I liked that. You get up, put on a T-Shirt, jeans, sneakers and you’re ready to go. Now, I get up (too late, of course), say sorry to our warm and cozy bed and the mission begins. How many layers do I have to wear, which umbrella won’t break because it’s pretty windy, which sneakers are waterproof, …?

*I just wanted to say you shouldn’t wonder if you see lyrics in the title. I’m an annoying person who always has a song stuck in her head and people around me know which one it is. No need for explaining how they know it ­čÖé I hope you don’t mind. Big got used to it (or kinda had to ), you don’t have to but it would be nice if you’d opened our post!

Do you like rain? What do you do when it’s raining?

Big really enjoys to be at home, watch movies and chill, I just want to sleep and that’s not good because it’s time to start studying for my finals. As I mentioned, German isn’t my mother language and it takes longer for me to learn something. Today I was sitting in the library looking through the window and I can’t tell you what was happening outside but I can tell you which raindrop won the competition! Remember when you were a child and you were travelling somewhere far away, in time where nobody even had a phone (we’re not gonna mention smartphones) and you had to make up games to make the time go by faster? Well, today I was a (very unproductive) child.

How do you even pick a favorite raindrop? It’s not fair to the other one. No one is cheering for it. When we compare the raindrops with life in general, it’s pretty similar. Someone could be trying hard to make it’s life better but there’s always another person, who doesn’t have to be better than the first one, but has the support you’re missing. When your raindrop moves for a millimeter you’re happy, supportive and believe in it. Then, it’s quiet for a short period. It’s just standing there. And it’s the same with me when there’s no sun. I have the feeling that everybody is doing something, except me. The world is going and I’m standing still. And I don’t like that feeling.
Suddenly the drop moves very fast again and there’s hope. Hope that it’ll get to the end first. And sometimes I’m excited, for no specific reason , I’m just excited for a new day, irrelevant if the day was good or bad. Then the day comes and nothing happens in particular. I’m not feeling sad, happy, disappointed, nothing. And it’s the same with the end of the raindrop race. It doesn’t happen anything. A new drop appears at the top of the window, your new hope, your new day.

I do believe in new beginnings every day. Not the typically ‘new year, new chapter/book’ thing. But I couldn’t live without hope and it doesn’t have to do anything with faith or religion. It’s good to show every single of your feelings. Holding it back doesn’t do any good for you. Feeling empty hurts you and it’s hard to go back to ‘normal’ after it.
Hope, on the other hand, gives you something, yes sometimes even disappointment but it’s better than not to feel anything. Be like a raindrop once in a while, just don’t forget to cheer for yourself when you don’t have anyone to do it for you. Be your own hero, be happy when you ‘win’, motivate yourself to start from the beginning again. Think about goals you want to achieve and start doing something for yourself. If you don’t do it alone, no one else will.

These rainy day encourage me to be reminisce about myself, my week and goals. I’m taking small steps, so even if something bad happens I can get back on my feet quickly and improve myself.

Enough of daydreaming for today, I better start working on my goals, don’t wanna preach something I’m not living.

Have a good day,

Smol & Big

Easy like Sunday morning

I totally forgot about this song till a friend reminded me with her caption on her Instagram photo. What do you think when you read this song title?
Every single one of us has a different image of what their perfect Sunday morning should look like.

I, when I was child, didn’t like Sundays at all. I can’t say I hated them, hate is such a bad and strong word, which shouldn’t be used when not necessary… Saturdays are so loud, people walking by, minding their own business, meeting, drinking coffee together (we come from a land where drinking coffee on Saturday is like a must do), hanging out, going on day trips, etc. Then comes Sunday. A quite day, you hear birds outside or rain on your window, depending on the weather. I didn’t appreciate it, but I think most of children don’t. After that in high school, it was a day when you had to study or do some assignments so it wasn’t fun. Specifically if you’re a teenager who leaves everything till the very last minute and have to study at 10 pm and get up at 6 am the next morning.

Now, it’s different. I don’t like to sleep in long like Big. At first I couldn’t understand it, I wanted to use the whole day or take a nap after lunch (if I was very tired). But I take the time for myself, start the day with a longer bath, drink my tea in peace while reading books or get ready to go to the church.
Sometimes I like to stay in the bed and listen to my music, mostly throwback hits. And yes, I do like the easy mornings, even tough I don’t want to break up with anyone, especially not with Big or get high afterwards (it’s also illegal here ­čÖé ) – read the lyrics if you’re not familiar with the text.

It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not, everyone of us deserves a day off (we wrote about it a few posts ago). Why did I mention religion? To be clear, I don’t want to offend someone, it’s a personal choice if you believe in something/someone. But I just wanted to say it’s interesting (no matter what or who you believe in) every religion has a day off for its believers. Of course in their Holy Books it says you should reflect on God or your personal beliefs but it also says you shouldn’t work (no hard working) and should rest for a day. People wrote that Books ( if it’s holy for someone it should be written with a capital letter) a few hundreds and thousand years ago so that should mean something. Life was much different back in the days but it was simpler and I’m sure we can learn a lot from them (if we didn’t by now…). Take an easy day, maybe it means praying for someone, for others it’s climbing hills and so on, but do good for you. Appreciate yourself, take care of your health, not just physical, say no to thing that don’t make you happy. Stand out for your beliefs. Don’t be afraid to live. Be afraid not to live and rest.
Maybe you’ll be sorry one day.

Take it easy sometimes,

Smol & Big, sending a lot of positive vibes today

Gamer girlfriend

Soooo, we said that we’re gonna write about Gaming, but there’s one thing you have to know. I am Smol and I’m a gamer girlfriend (or as I like to say: GGF).

What’s special about that? Well, pretty much a lot of things. I can do things with my boyfriend during the late afternoon (when people usually do their hobbies or meet with friends) and sometimes (certainly it depends on a person) we like to do our own things/hobbies in the evening.
When he plays a round or two, I can study, read a book, go to other activities and we don’t stand in each others ways.
One of the benefits is that we don’t fight about what we should watch on TV (especially because none of us is a TV – type person) but you surely know men who have to watch every football (soccer) / basketball match every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday and sometimes you just want to watch a stupid show and not sports.
The only rule we have is that we go sleeping at the same time. Yes, I am the person who falls asleep as soon as I sit down, or the person who is picking the movie longer than it watches the movie but that’s another topic. I do fall asleep on the couch but I don’t go sleeping alone.

I admit, I suck big time at playing anything. The only game on a computer I was good at was Solitaire in 2003. About 2010 when everyone was getting smart phones and downloading different games I was just watching them play or later downloaded Sudoku but I highly doubt that that could be seen as a game.

Now, in the last few years, I learned a lot about it. Earlier I thought it’s just useless and wasting time but now we got to the point that I find it interesting. No, I didn’t learned how to play but at least I understand what’s going on and who is on which side. I don’t have to ask a question every two seconds and I can play for a few minutes and not die right away. That’s a huge success for me, believe it or not.

One thing I especially like on the Internet are memes. I don’t discriminate them. I don’t care what kind of memes they are I just want to laugh. The problem was I didn’t get every meme that was popular back in the days when 9gag had really, really good, fresh content. Now I understand a lot more (press F for this fallen sister here) and if I don’t I can always ask Big.

Games do help to concentrate at more things at once and improving skills like coordination and learning stuff about your computer. Yes it’s an expensive hobby but what’s not expensive nowadays?

Depending on the type of the game you’re playing you can also develop or improve some IRL (in real life) skills like reaction time, precision, strategy, different viewpoint in different situations and also team work. Every gamer/player prefers different kinds of games. My GBF (gamer boyfriend) likes to play FPS games ( First Person Shooter) and racing simulations (he also got a steering wheel which also appears to be a bigger deal than I thought!). He started playing games when he was about 5 years old (SEGA and Nintendo days) so he really knows what he’s talking about. His first PCMR (PC MasterRace) moment was back in 2008 when he started playing COD (Call of Duty) series. He spent about 4000 hours (167 days) playing it which I’m not sure if I find it impressive because he was very young. Now he’s not playing that much (not because of me ­čÖé ), it’s because he’s missing a real team (poor guy).

So these are a few things about being a GGF and having a GBF. Don’t be like me and judge from the beginning. It doesn’t have to become your hobby just accept it and some day it’ll maybe be funny and relaxing for you, too.

P.S. Look at those colors!


Smol & Big


Soooo, we’re finally back. I actually sat down and wrote a lot of stuff on Monday, but after I read it, I wasn’t quite satisfied so I deleted it. I’m still new at this, don’t be harsh me.

I’m going to write a few parts and keep it simple. It’s about friendship. We’ve all been in a high school and thought the friendships are going to last forever. We were all wrong. Yes, I do have five friends from school but now we’re miles apart. We visit each other as much as possible but distances are a mean thing. I moved to Germany after high school, got to the University and didn’t even know where the building was, in which I had lessons that day. My father was so kind and went with me so I don’t feel even worse than I did that day. Again THE first day. I’m sure everyone knows what I’m talking about. Everyone had their first something, first day of school/university, work, in a new city… But I was already tired. I had quiet a few first days and hated it not to know anyone. You must think, why would she even do it if she hated it so much? I just wanted a better future for myself than I could imagine in my motherland. So I told myself, the beginning is hard but it’s gonna be worth it. It was. I mean I’m still studying hard but I’m not alone. I have my friends. They’re the one ‘to ride or die’ for and the best thing that nothing changed even tough I moved (yes, again).

My friends visited me for the weekend and I could feel my inner battery charging by just chatting and laughing with them. They uncomplicated, they behave like family, they’re not judgy, they’re just everything what any of us needs nowadays.

I’m still very young but I know what good and what isn’t for me. The last few months thought me to remove toxic people from my life. Nobody needs ‘friends’ who talks about you behind their back or stabs a knife right into your heart. The fewer people you have around you, the safer you are. I can’t tell if it’s the problem of the modern world, but I don’t care. I live now and that’s what’s important.

Leave your phone. Shut down your computer. Turn off your Internet. Just live for a few moments, day, weekends and take all the time you need. Sometimes we’re not aware how much time we need to recover. And when you stop being available all the time, you’ll see who actually cherishes your time away from the phone. There are plenty stuff you should see and do outside and if you’re not the ‘nature’ type – no problem – just lay down and enjoy your piece of quiet or your new favorite album.

We have a lot to tell about the topic friendship and we hope you’ll come back soon and read our next article ­čÖé


Smol n Big

Spring laziness

In our latest German post we wrote about (annoying) allergies and now we’re just gonna say a few word about our spring laziness.

Spring usually awakes feelings like happiness, excitement, realizing that summer is just around the corner (and you wouldn’t believe it, but “spring feeling” is a term in the Urban Dictionary !). However, there is an opposite term that also caught up on us, called springtime lethargy. It’s symptoms are headaches, weariness, sensitivity to any changes but we don’t know it’s real cause (sometimes it’s caused by allergies, yet mostly the main problem is the hormonal change).

To be honest, we weren’t really productive this week, as we wanted to be, nevertheless we did something very important to us. We created a blog. You may think now: ‘Wow, that’s a big deal, everyone can create a blog nowadays, but yes, as we already said, we would like to capture our lives and important themes in this blog. Maybe it’s confusing that we’re posting posts in two different languages and trust me, it is also unusual for us but we just want to express ourselves and share our thoughts with people from other countries. (Pssst, for anyone coming from Eastern Europe, there is also a chance to read something in a third language, not an universal language tho ­čÖé )

Today was one of these days when you really don’t want to get up and get things done and we would be lying if we said that we actually got up and done what we should’ve do. We ate leftovers from last night’s dinner and were too lazy to change the channel on our TV. The only difference from the other similar “lazy days” is we don’t feel bad about it. We aren’t searching for excuses and promising ourselves that that wouldn’t happen again. We know it’s gonna happen again. Everybody is different and everyone of us deserves a break. It doesn’t have to be a Saturday or a Sunday. It can also be a Wednesday. We’re not saying one should ran away from work and binge-watch a series on the internet or read a favorite book but it’s OK to not feel OK sometimes.

At the end of the day we were feeling better and even did our house chores that we put on hold so it was good that we took ‘a day off’. People tend to have a great, fulfilled life on the internet but everyone knows that’s not possible to maintain every day.

And hey, we also posted our first ‘real’ blog post and wrote the other one with more courage and a bigger smile on our faces. We are just glad to be a small part of something big that exists for many years now.

Making of ­čśÇ

Thank you for reading our blog, hope to see you here soon again,

Smol n Big

Fr├╝hllergie – Fr├╝hling und (nervige) Allergien

Muss man den Begriff Allergie ├╝berhaupt noch jemandem erkl├Ąren? Ich glaube nicht, aber f├╝r all die, die Gl├╝ckspilze sind und keine Allergien haben:
Wenn der K├Ârper eine fremde Substanz zu sich nimmt pr├╝ft das Immunsystem, ob es sich um Krankheitserreger handelt. Manchmal reagiert das Immunsystem, so dass es harmlose Stoffe als gef├Ąhrlich kennzeichnet und das nennt man in der Medizin Sensibilisierung. Es gibt verschiedene Allergietypen , je nachdem, auf welche Weise das Immunsystem auf einen Stoff reagiert.

Pollen im Fr├╝hling

Im Fr├╝hling haben wir “das Gl├╝ck” mit ganzen vielen verschiedenen Pollen umrundet zu sein. Die gr├Â├čte Belastung f├╝r Allergiker geht also von den ÔÇÜfliegendenÔÇś Allergenen aus. Das beginnt im Fr├╝hjahr mit Hasel und Erle. Im April und Mai sind es vor allem Birke, Eiche, Buche und Esche, die die Atemwege mit Pollen f├╝llen. Pollen von Roggen und anderen Getreiden beginnen im Juni zu fliegen. Das gilt auch f├╝r die meisten S├╝├čgr├Ąser auf Wiesen und Weiden.

Pollen im Fr├╝hling

Was tun, wenn man Verdacht auf Allergien hat?

  1. Hauttest (Pricktest) machen – eine geringe Menge des in Frage kommenden Allergens wird auf die Haut der Unterarminnenseiten getropft und durch kleine Stiche mit einer speziellen Nadel in die Haut gebracht (Pricktest)
  2. Blut abnehmen – im Fall, dass ein Hauttest nicht gemacht werden kann, damit kann man Antik├Ârper im Blut nachweisen, die der K├Ârper direkt gegen das krankmachende Allergen gebildet hat
  3. Provokationstest machen – eine kleine Menge des verd├Ąchtigen Allergens wird an die Stelle gebracht, wo sich die Krankheit zeigt

Nachdem man herausgefunden hat, was die genaue Ursache, bzw. das Allergen war, bekommt man eine spezifische Immuntherapie. Das sind Spritzen 0der Tropfen und Tabletten.

Hausmittel die gegen Pollen helfen

  1. Nasensp├╝lung mit Kochsalz -Zuhause machen oder in der Apotheke kaufen
  2. Ein Geschirr- oder Handtuch mit kaltem Wasser befeuchten und diesen f├╝r mehrere Minuten auf beide Augen legen, damit der Juckreiz auf den Augen gelindert wird
  3. Eine Sch├╝ssel mit Wasser in den Raum und tr├Ąufle mehrere Tropfen Pfefferminz├Âl hinein, die ├Ątherischen ├ľle erleichtern das Durchatmen und wirken zudem schleiml├Âsend
  4. Inhalation oder ein Bad mit Eukalyptus-, Fenchel- oder Dill├Âl
  5. Gesund Essen – iss frisch und abwechslungsreich- und vitaminreich, um die Schwere deiner Symptome zu beeinflussen und trink viel Wasser

Lass dir den Fr├╝hling nicht mit Allergien verderben! Wir hoffen, dass wir dir wenigstens ein bisschen helfen konnten und freuen uns dich auf unserem Blog wieder zu sehen!

Smol n Big

Get to know us

Hi, we’re Smol n Big, a young couple living in Germany. In this blog, we’ll capture our lives in posts that we want to share with you. We’re two completely different personalities with many hobbies and we want to share our happiness with you.

The interessting thing about this blog is, that it’s gonna be written in German and English even though none of these are our mother languages. But we’ll give our best so that we can be understood.

Our main topics will be about medicine, health, cooking, make -up, gaming and much more so please stay tuned.

Thank you for visiting our blog!

Yours, Smol n Big

Wer sind wir?

Hallo, wir sind Smol n Big, ein junges Paar, dass in Deutschland wohnt. In diesem Blog wollen wir unser Leben in Posts aufbewahren und mit euch teilen. Wir sind zwei Menschen mit komplett unterschiedlichen Interessen, die sich gerne erg├Ąnzen und mit anderen Leuten unser Gl├╝ck teilen m├Âchten.

Das Besondere an diesem Blog ist, dass es alles zweisprachig geben wird, da weder Deutsch noch Englisch unsere Muttersprachen sind, aber wir uns bem├╝hen, dass uns alle gut verstehen k├Ânnen.

Es wird oft ├╝ber Gaming, Gesundheit, Medizin, Kochen, Mode, Make – up geschrieben, desshalb k├Ânnen wir nicht abwarten zu anfangen.

Danke, dass genau Du unser Blog besuchst und Teil unseres Lebens bist!

Smol n Big