Soooo, we’re finally back. I actually sat down and wrote a lot of stuff on Monday, but after I read it, I wasn’t quite satisfied so I deleted it. I’m still new at this, don’t be harsh me.

I’m going to write a few parts and keep it simple. It’s about friendship. We’ve all been in a high school and thought the friendships are going to last forever. We were all wrong. Yes, I do have five friends from school but now we’re miles apart. We visit each other as much as possible but distances are a mean thing. I moved to Germany after high school, got to the University and didn’t even know where the building was, in which I had lessons that day. My father was so kind and went with me so I don’t feel even worse than I did that day. Again THE first day. I’m sure everyone knows what I’m talking about. Everyone had their first something, first day of school/university, work, in a new city… But I was already tired. I had quiet a few first days and hated it not to know anyone. You must think, why would she even do it if she hated it so much? I just wanted a better future for myself than I could imagine in my motherland. So I told myself, the beginning is hard but it’s gonna be worth it. It was. I mean I’m still studying hard but I’m not alone. I have my friends. They’re the one ‘to ride or die’ for and the best thing that nothing changed even tough I moved (yes, again).

My friends visited me for the weekend and I could feel my inner battery charging by just chatting and laughing with them. They uncomplicated, they behave like family, they’re not judgy, they’re just everything what any of us needs nowadays.

I’m still very young but I know what good and what isn’t for me. The last few months thought me to remove toxic people from my life. Nobody needs ‘friends’ who talks about you behind their back or stabs a knife right into your heart. The fewer people you have around you, the safer you are. I can’t tell if it’s the problem of the modern world, but I don’t care. I live now and that’s what’s important.

Leave your phone. Shut down your computer. Turn off your Internet. Just live for a few moments, day, weekends and take all the time you need. Sometimes we’re not aware how much time we need to recover. And when you stop being available all the time, you’ll see who actually cherishes your time away from the phone. There are plenty stuff you should see and do outside and if you’re not the ‘nature’ type – no problem – just lay down and enjoy your piece of quiet or your new favorite album.

We have a lot to tell about the topic friendship and we hope you’ll come back soon and read our next article ­čÖé


Smol n Big


Spring laziness

In our latest German post we wrote about (annoying) allergies and now we’re just gonna say a few word about our spring laziness.

Spring usually awakes feelings like happiness, excitement, realizing that summer is just around the corner (and you wouldn’t believe it, but “spring feeling” is a term in the Urban Dictionary !). However, there is an opposite term that also caught up on us, called springtime lethargy. It’s symptoms are headaches, weariness, sensitivity to any changes but we don’t know it’s real cause (sometimes it’s caused by allergies, yet mostly the main problem is the hormonal change).

To be honest, we weren’t really productive this week, as we wanted to be, nevertheless we did something very important to us. We created a blog. You may think now: ‘Wow, that’s a big deal, everyone can create a blog nowadays, but yes, as we already said, we would like to capture our lives and important themes in this blog. Maybe it’s confusing that we’re posting posts in two different languages and trust me, it is also unusual for us but we just want to express ourselves and share our thoughts with people from other countries. (Pssst, for anyone coming from Eastern Europe, there is also a chance to read something in a third language, not an universal language tho ­čÖé )

Today was one of these days when you really don’t want to get up and get things done and we would be lying if we said that we actually got up and done what we should’ve do. We ate leftovers from last night’s dinner and were too lazy to change the channel on our TV. The only difference from the other similar “lazy days” is we don’t feel bad about it. We aren’t searching for excuses and promising ourselves that that wouldn’t happen again. We know it’s gonna happen again. Everybody is different and everyone of us deserves a break. It doesn’t have to be a Saturday or a Sunday. It can also be a Wednesday. We’re not saying one should ran away from work and binge-watch a series on the internet or read a favorite book but it’s OK to not feel OK sometimes.

At the end of the day we were feeling better and even did our house chores that we put on hold so it was good that we took ‘a day off’. People tend to have a great, fulfilled life on the internet but everyone knows that’s not possible to maintain every day.

And hey, we also posted our first ‘real’ blog post and wrote the other one with more courage and a bigger smile on our faces. We are just glad to be a small part of something big that exists for many years now.

Making of ­čśÇ

Thank you for reading our blog, hope to see you here soon again,

Smol n Big

Fr├╝hllergie – Fr├╝hling und (nervige) Allergien

Muss man den Begriff Allergie ├╝berhaupt noch jemandem erkl├Ąren? Ich glaube nicht, aber f├╝r all die, die Gl├╝ckspilze sind und keine Allergien haben:
Wenn der K├Ârper eine fremde Substanz zu sich nimmt pr├╝ft das Immunsystem, ob es sich um Krankheitserreger handelt. Manchmal reagiert das Immunsystem, so dass es harmlose Stoffe als gef├Ąhrlich kennzeichnet und das nennt man in der Medizin Sensibilisierung. Es gibt verschiedene Allergietypen , je nachdem, auf welche Weise das Immunsystem auf einen Stoff reagiert.

Pollen im Fr├╝hling

Im Fr├╝hling haben wir “das Gl├╝ck” mit ganzen vielen verschiedenen Pollen umrundet zu sein. Die gr├Â├čte Belastung f├╝r Allergiker geht also von den ÔÇÜfliegendenÔÇś Allergenen aus. Das beginnt im Fr├╝hjahr mit Hasel und Erle. Im April und Mai sind es vor allem Birke, Eiche, Buche und Esche, die die Atemwege mit Pollen f├╝llen. Pollen von Roggen und anderen Getreiden beginnen im Juni zu fliegen. Das gilt auch f├╝r die meisten S├╝├čgr├Ąser auf Wiesen und Weiden.

Pollen im Fr├╝hling

Was tun, wenn man Verdacht auf Allergien hat?

  1. Hauttest (Pricktest) machen – eine geringe Menge des in Frage kommenden Allergens wird auf die Haut der Unterarminnenseiten getropft und durch kleine Stiche mit einer speziellen Nadel in die Haut gebracht (Pricktest)
  2. Blut abnehmen – im Fall, dass ein Hauttest nicht gemacht werden kann, damit kann man Antik├Ârper im Blut nachweisen, die der K├Ârper direkt gegen das krankmachende Allergen gebildet hat
  3. Provokationstest machen – eine kleine Menge des verd├Ąchtigen Allergens wird an die Stelle gebracht, wo sich die Krankheit zeigt

Nachdem man herausgefunden hat, was die genaue Ursache, bzw. das Allergen war, bekommt man eine spezifische Immuntherapie. Das sind Spritzen 0der Tropfen und Tabletten.

Hausmittel die gegen Pollen helfen

  1. Nasensp├╝lung mit Kochsalz -Zuhause machen oder in der Apotheke kaufen
  2. Ein Geschirr- oder Handtuch mit kaltem Wasser befeuchten und diesen f├╝r mehrere Minuten auf beide Augen legen, damit der Juckreiz auf den Augen gelindert wird
  3. Eine Sch├╝ssel mit Wasser in den Raum und tr├Ąufle mehrere Tropfen Pfefferminz├Âl hinein, die ├Ątherischen ├ľle erleichtern das Durchatmen und wirken zudem schleiml├Âsend
  4. Inhalation oder ein Bad mit Eukalyptus-, Fenchel- oder Dill├Âl
  5. Gesund Essen – iss frisch und abwechslungsreich- und vitaminreich, um die Schwere deiner Symptome zu beeinflussen und trink viel Wasser

Lass dir den Fr├╝hling nicht mit Allergien verderben! Wir hoffen, dass wir dir wenigstens ein bisschen helfen konnten und freuen uns dich auf unserem Blog wieder zu sehen!

Smol n Big

Get to know us

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The interessting thing about this blog is, that it’s gonna be written in German and English even though none of these are our mother languages. But we’ll give our best so that we can be understood.

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